Services of Dobrocsi Law Office

One of our most frequently requested services is advising in real estate transactions and handling relating matters, even in multiple languages. However, we offer services in many other areas as well; please find below the legal fields and services belonging to our profile:


Real estate law, real estate transactions

  • Full-scope legal services in relation to real estate (sale and purchase and lease agreement, mortgage transactions, land plot formation proceedings, etc.)
  • Trough the Office, up-to-date data may be requested from the land registry via the "TAKARNET" on-line land registry system

Company law

  • Full-scope legal services in company proceedings, drafting corporate documentation (founding companies, amending corporate documents, transformations, winding up companies, share transfer agreements, etc.)
  • Foundation of simple and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, private limited companies, sole proprietorships
  • Transformation, merger, demerger, winding up of companies
  • Drafting documents in connection with founding non governmental organisations and foundations and representation in the court registration proceedings
  • Drafting agreements and representation in proceedings for qualifying organisations as organisations of public benefit and organisations of increased public benefit

Contracts, documents

  • Drafting agreements, contracts, deeds
  • Drafting last wills

Claim enforcement, legal proceedings

  • Legal services in relation to claim enforcement 
  • Conclusion of settlements before lawsuits, during lawsuits, and outside disputes 
  • Commencement of court payment warrant proceedings, lawsuits, representation in such proceedings 
  • Commercing enforcement and liquidation proceedings, representation in such proceedings 
  • Advising in inheritance matters

Administrative law

  • Representation before authorities 
  • Representation in license proceedings
  • Representation in appeals against fines and in administrative litigation