Services of Dobrocsi Law Office

One of our most frequently requested services is advising in real estate transactions and handling relating matters, even in multiple languages. However, we offer services in many other areas as well; please find below the legal fields and services belonging to our profile:


Online legal advice

Nowadays, it is natural that we do everything on the Internet - why should legal services be an exception?

Many times, when we run into a legal problem, we don’t know if it’s worth turning to a law firm with a question and and what cost we can count on. Our clients can use our online legal service from home, in their own environment, saving time and significant costs (travel costs, parking tickets). For our clients who need a quick and specific legal answer or proposed solution to their legal problem and question, and do not want to wait for a personal consultation date, we offer our fixed-fee online legal advice service to both individuals and companies.

We specifically recommend our service to businesses. There are always many legal questions and problems within a company, but it is not necessary to hire a legal professional at a significant cost, because by using our online legal service you will receive a professional and accurate, quick answer and a proposed solution.

Within the framework of this service, we undertake to provide legal advice, as well as to provide legal reviews and opinions on contracts and various documents.

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Trust asset management

The trust asset management is a recently introduced legal institution in Hungary, which offers many opportunities for the owner to protect his property. Trust asset management is an excellent tool for both property protection (protection against creditors) and deviation from inheritance rules or even tax optimization.

An inheritance procedure can take years and even litigation can develop, during which time a business can stop operating and the condition of a property can deteriorate significantly.

In many cases, the owner may want to deviate from the mandatory inheritance rules, or the owner's assets may be located in different countries, it is also common for the owner to have children from multiple relationships.

Preservation of existing property is a general goal for all owners. The primary aspect of property protection is to secure existing property against third parties. Trust asset management is an excellent tool to achieve all these goals, and even trust asset management is an excellent alternative to a marriage contract. Trust asset management helps to preserve the assets and hold together, it is a much more flexible and predictable means of transferring assets than inheritance, which may also provide anonymity.

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Debt collection

Our office undertakes to take the necessary legal steps to collect claims and to perform legal tasks related to the management of receivables. It is worth seeking legal assistance to recover a debt, as time is the most important factor in debt collection. The order for payment procedure is used for the fast and efficient enforcement of pecuniary claims, the initiation of the procedure is subject to a procedural fee, the amount of the procedural fee and the attorney's fee must be paid in advance by the party, but is borne by the debtor. To consider what legal options are available in a particular case through a personal or online consultation, we can provide legal assistance based on existing documents and a statement of facts presented.

We can provide legal assistance below:

• preparation of a letter of demand for the payment of a lawyer,
• initiating an order for payment procedure or submitting an objection,
• preparation of applications for liquidation proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings, provision of legal representation,
• concluding pre-litigation, litigation and out-of-court settlements,
• initiating litigation and enforcement proceedings.

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Flat-rate representation of companies

Within the framework of a monthly flat fee assignment, we provide a complex legal service for companies:

• we fully manage the legal affairs of your company;
• we prepare your company's contracts;
• we provide legal representation of the company in litigation and non-litigation proceedings, as well as before the tax authority and the labour authority;
• collect overdue receivables;
• we provide assistance and legal guidance in handling the legal affairs of your business, and we monitor changes in the legal regulations governing your business.

In case of permanent cooperation, we provide a more favorable lawyer's hourly rate and priority administration for your company.
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Labour law

Our labour law services:

• legal advice, legal representation in and out of labour litigation;
• the practice of establishing, modifying and terminating an employment relationship;
• examining the legality of employer dismissal;
• preparation and commenting on employment contracts, study contracts, non-compete agreements and other labor law agreements, documents;
• labour law counseling;
• termination, immediately termination, preparation of a mutual agreement;
• review of service, mandate and employment relationships;
• review of existing collective agreement and internal regulations;
• providing legal representation in the case of labour inspection.

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Our law firm undertakes the legal representation and protection of the interests of companies and individuals in both civil and non-litigation proceedings initiated by them and against them.

In order to compensate for damages caused by breach of contract and non-contract, we undertake to provide legal representation in litigation and out-of-court proceedings:

• enforcement of claims for damages arising from defective performance;
• damages for breach of contract and non-contract, and
• to compensate for damage caused by an accident at work or an accident at work.

Tort (previously non-pecuniary damages) is due to the person whose personal rights are violated. In the event of a violation of privacy rights, we undertake full legal representation in related litigation and out-of-court procedures.

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Real estate law

In the field of real estate law, we provide flexible and complete administration for corporate and private clients in Hungarian, English and German. Our office is at the disposal of our clients, from legal advice to document preparation to the related land registry administration. Our activities include examining the legal status of the property, obtaining a title deed, preparing the contract and related documents taking into account the client's needs, providing representation before the land registy, and providing legal information on paying taxes and duties related to the property.

The contract can be concluded even within up to one working day.

We undertake, among other things, the preparation of sales of purchase agreement, gift agreement, lease agreement, exchange agreement and agreement on shared use, mortgage contracts, contract establishing a right of usufruct and easement contract, and the review of contracts.

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Our office also undertakes the full legal management of real estate investment projects, in the framework of which we provide legal representation from the official licensing procedures, through the drafting (design contract, service agreement, subcontracting and other construction contracts, sales contract and lease agreement, and the deed of foundation of condominium) of documents to the real estate registration administration.

Our office cooperates with a real estate agency. We undertake the sale and rental of real estate. From the beginning of the sale and rental of the property, we provide a full range of legal services to our clients.


Corporate law

In the field of corporate law we undertake:

• Full-scope legal services in company proceedings, drafting corporate documentation (founding companies, amending corporate documents, transformations, winding up companies, share transfer agreements, etc.);
•establishment of business companies - Limited partnership, Limited liability company and Private limited company by shares;
• Transformation, merger, demerger, winding up of companies;
• permanent legal representation of companies, management of their legal affairs;
• commenting on the contracts of the companies, preparing other contracts arising during their operation.

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Family law and law of succession

In the field of family law and law of succession, we provide the following legal services to our clients:

• drafting cohabitation and marital property contracts; drafting contracts terminating matrimonial property regimes;
• making a last will and testament; inheritance contracts;
• representation in probate proceedings, inheritance law disputes;
• legal advice.

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Claim enforcement, legal proceedings

  • Legal services in relation to claim enforcement 
  • Conclusion of settlements before lawsuits, during lawsuits, and outside disputes 
  • Commencement of court payment warrant proceedings, lawsuits, representation in such proceedings 
  • Commercing enforcement and liquidation proceedings, representation in such proceedings 
  • Advising in inheritance matters

Legal advice

As part of a personal or online legal consultation, we provide legal advice in a number of legal areas (civil law, real estate law, labour law, corporate law,  family law and law of succession etc.)  based on the documents presented and the factual presentation presented.

Our office also undertakes the drafting and commenting of the following contracts, the provision of legal advice and full-scale administration:

• contract of sale, exchange agreement, gift agreement, lease agreement;
• loan agreement, mortgage agreement; contract establishing usufruct, right of use;
• marriage or partnership property contract; last will and testament, contract of inheritance, gift contract in case of death;
• providing legal representation in litigation.

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